The Authentic Northern Lights Experience

Tromsø, Northern Norway

Hi :) My name is Dan, and I`m a North-Norwegian native of Saami heritage, born & raised under the dancing aurora borealis AKA the Northern Lights. Ever since I was a small kid, I have been fascinated by the ever changing lights we often get up here on those dark nights. And I`ll guess that`s why people call me "Dan the Aurora Man" :D My tours are small & personal: No more than max 8 guests on each tour, to provide the best comfort and service possible. Mix that with a lifetime of local knowledge, and you will be in the best hands on your authentic Northern Lights Experience :)

Arctic Flex

The weather up here in the arctic can be tricky. That`s why I only run tours every other night, and keep the days in between open in case I have to move a tour due to bad weather. To put it simply: People don`t pay me to look at clouds. 
Professional pictures
I am a Professional photographer, specializing in night & landscape photography. So you can be sure to get excellent hi-res pictures for free after the tour. I will also help you with your camera setting if you have your own camera that is up to the task of capturing Northern Lights. PS: I provide tripods also, so no need to bring that along if you don`t want to.
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Here is what`s included in the tour:
* Warm suits
* Warm overboots
* A warm bonfire
* Tripod for each guest
* Hot homemade vegetable soup, homebaked cake, snacks (different cookies etc), hot chocolate, tea, water.
* If you have a camera that`s suited for taking northern light pictures, I will help you set it up so you can take photos of the lights
* You will also get hi-res pictures for free on e-mail after the tour
* I will explain the science behind the Aurora, together with local myths and folklore surrounding the Northern lights.
* I have a transport licence and permit from Troms County Council and the police, to be a legal tour operator and transport passengers on Northern Lights and other natural trips. 
* I`ll do anything in my power to find the lights; Even drive long distances to find clear skies if necessary. We might have to drive into Finland, so in that case: take your passport/ID-card with you.

The price is 1600 NOK pr.person. The tour can last from 5-12 hours, but usually i keep going until i find clear skies. I drop you off at your hotel/accommodation after the tour (Limited to the island of Tromsø, Tromsdalen & Kvaløysletta)
I can not guarantee that we will see the aurora: Mother nature is always in control, and giving guarantees on behalf of nature would be a stupid move. But, I will do my best to find clear skies; The rest is up to her :)